To Dos


NCD Command Tool for dos  v.1.0

The NCD.EXE allows you to control NCD products directly from a command line interface in DOS. NCD.EXE does NOT require 3rd party tools or components, as it speaks directly to DOS. With NCD.EXE,

To-do Lists  v.1.5.2004

*** Works under Mac OS Lion, syncs with iCloud and iOS 5 Reminders app via iCal ****** Check out To-do Lists Mobile application at iOS App Store ***To-do Lists provides simple but powerful interface for tasks and to-dos management.


ToDoo  v.1.0

This application will let our users to manage their day to day tasks. toDoo is a simple dektop based AIR application to manage to dos and tasks. Main Features: - Create tasks.

Ghost Action  v.1.1

Ghost Action is a new Mac application for keeping track of your to-dos using the simple and stress-free "Getting Things Done" method.

Meetingify Agenda Organizer  v.1.0

Makes it easy to plan and hold efficient meetings, create the agenda, distribute To-Dos and even upload whiteboard photos securely to the cloud. Meetingify is a truly professional web app, that even works offline.

Link Maven

Link Maven is a parallel link file transfer tool for Windows 95 - Vista. Connect two PCs together with a Laplink/Interlnk compatible cable and copy, move, & delete files and directories between them. Also connects to DOS/Win 3.1 PCs. Supports 4-bit

FlashDrive PIM

FlashDrive PIM is a total PIM solution that features Schedules, To Dos, Notes, and Contacts- all you need to make your life organized. Designed to work from removable drives, be it USB flash drives, CD-RWs or good old floppies, the program delivers

Wieldy  v.

Wieldy is a to-do list manager that is based on the principles of GTD® (Getting Things Done®). It allows you to manage your to-dos in a simple but effective way.

Codex  v.3 2

The only organizer you'll ever need. With CodeX, work paper-lessly yet efficiently is no longer a dream. Manage all your stuffs including notes, plans, to-dos, files, images together with your calendar and contacts.

TodoPaper  v.1. 1. 2005

TodoPaper is a simple, lightweight, and easy to use to-do list application for Windows. TodoPaper records your to-dos with the flexibility to make your to-do list as simple or as detailed as you desire.

MR Tech Systray  v.3.0

Its a systray app with a lot of features: it will allow you to Shutdown, Restart, Exit to DOS or Logoff quickly. Requires the VB 5.0 Runtimes.

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